Can't you find the necessary files?
Is the content of your files not readable?

It is normal because the files' names and the data in your files have been encrypted by "Cerber Ransomware".

It means your files are NOT damaged! Your files are modified only. This modification is reversible.
From now it is not possible to use your files until they will be decrypted.

The only way to decrypt your files safely is to buy the special decryption software "Cerber Decryptor".

Any attempts to restore your files with the third-party software will be fatal for your files!

We have also downloaded a lot of private data from your network.
If you do not contact us in a 30 days, we will post information about your private data on public news webs.

You can proceed with purchasing of the decryption software at your personal page:


At this page you will receive the complete instructions how to buy the decryption software for restoring all your files.

Also at this page you will be able to restore any one file for free to be sure "Cerber Decryptor" will help you.

If your personal page is not available for a long period there is another way to open your personal page - installation and use of Tor Browser:

  1. run your Internet browser (if you do not know what it is run the Internet Explorer);
  2. enter or copy the address https://www.torproject.org/download/download-easy.html.en into the address bar of your browser and press ENTER;
  3. wait for the site loading;
  4. on the site you will be offered to download Tor Browser; download and run it, follow the installation instructions, wait until the installation is completed;
  5. run Tor Browser;
  6. connect with the button "Connect" (if you use the English version);
  7. a normal Internet browser window will be opened after the initialization;
  8. type or copy the address
    in this browser address bar;
  9. press ENTER;
  10. the site should be loaded; if for some reason the site is not loading wait for a moment and try again.

Tor Browser may be blocked in your country or corporate network. Use Tor Browser over VPN.

If you have any problems during installation or use of Tor Browser, please, visit https://www.youtube.com and type request in the search bar "Install Tor Browser Windows" and you will find a lot of training videos about Tor Browser installation and use.

Additional information:

You will find the instructions ("*RECOVERY_README*.html") for restoring your files in any folder with your encrypted files.

The instructions ("*RECOVERY_README*.html") in the folders with your encrypted files are not viruses! The instructions ("*RECOVERY_README*.html") will help you to decrypt your files.

Do not try to recover files yourself, this process can damage your data and recovery will become impossible.

Do not waste time trying to find the solution on the internet. The longer you wait, the higher will become the decryption software price.